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Marjorie Prime will be on stage October 19-23, 2022 at the Red Brick Café

Marjorie Prime - Pulitzer Prize for Drama Finalist

It’s the age of artificial intelligence, and 85-year-old Marjorie — a jumble of disparate, fading memories — has a handsome new companion who’s programmed to feed the story of her life back to her. What would we remember, and what would we forget, if given the chance? In this richly spare, wondrous new play, Jordan Harrison explores the mysteries of human identity and the limits — if any — of what technology can replace.

"Jordan Harrison’s elegant, thoughtful and quietly unsettling drama… keeps developing in your head, like a photographic negative, long after you have seen it...At some point, you realize that it’s been landing skillfully targeted punch after punch, right where it hurts."

      - The New York Times


Walter: Male, 30-36
An artificially intelligent stand-in for Marjorie’s late husband. Genuine, kind, thoughtful, handsome, perhaps too good to be true.  In love with Marjorie whom he treats like an equal, not like an elderly woman with dementia; A good listener; An innocent who is quick to learn irony.
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities


Tess: Female, 55-ish
Marjorie’s daughter. A thoughtful and quietly intense woman, she feels deeply conflicted by Walter Prime’s presence in her mother’s life. Skeptical, smart, well-read; Judgmental, of herself most of all; Despite her best intentions, she falls into a kind of bickering loop with her mother; Battling depression, but not without humor; Fragile but forceful.
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities


Jon: Male, 55-ish
Tess’ husband, Marjorie’s son-in-law; formerly a barnstorming hippie, now an upper-middle-class procurer of lattes; warm, caring, tolerant; thinks more of others than himself; he married up when he married Tess; his ease with Marjorie sometimes drives a wedge between his wife and himself; he gets frustrated with Tess’ tendency to see the worst in things, but he’s good at covering this frustration; thinks of it as his secret mission to heal Tess’ family of the dysfunctions caused by their long-buried grief.
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities


Marjorie: Female, to play 85
Beautiful, direct, forceful; a former violinist battling dementia; a little vain, a little grumpy, a little frightened (but good at covering it); struggling to connect with her daughter; has an easier rapport with her son-in-law. Reliant on Walter to remind her of what she once was.
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities


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Marjorie – Walter
Jon – Tess
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